The World Protection Group is specialized in the security of armed security in addition to the security of the couriers that transport them. This includes jewellery, high end commodities and fine art.

Our clients include large multi-national courier companies, niche jewellery and diamond shippers, individuals within the Forbes 400 and auction houses.

WPG deploys a team of Security Agents who have been trained in the risks and threats involved and using armed security. The Agents employ close protection tactics for all assets as they move from a building to a vehicle and once in the vehicle the assets are transported by a specialized driver with additional team members in the vehicle and followed by a chase car.

WPG integrates technology into our solution via GPS tracking of all objects and monitoring of those objects at our command center. The vehicles are all equipped with cameras and panic buttons. WPG briefs law enforcement on a daily basis with the movement of any assets and typically have back up teams in the vicinity available via radio.

Our Agents hold TSA clearance and SITA badges allowing them access to restricted areas of an airport in order to ensure the secure passage of the asset.