General Aviation Airports Present a Weak Link in Security

This article is not a terrorist plot and is only written for the purpose of creating security awareness and preventing the potential scenario described in this article. 


A Cessna jet with three passengers leaves a local Los Angeles-area airport for a VFR flight to another local airport which takes only 10 minutes. The three passengers, dressed in pilot uniforms, seemed like they were going to work as usual. But on this day, it was a different mission. As the Cessna was cleared for landing, they were going over last minute details of another flight they had planned.  […]

Analysis: The Bodyguard vs. The Executive Protection Agent


Within the security industry, we have seen a decline of the term bodyguard over the past 5 years. Bodyguard has come to symbolize the buffoon who we see aggressively pushing crowds in images with celebrities in gossip magazines. This caricature could include the off-duty cop who can carry a concealed weapon, the bouncer who is very large, or the martial artist who can fight well.

These bodyguards have been involved in selling information to the tabloids, violating confidentiality agreements, various use of force incidents, having improper or no licensing, hiring independent contractors and misclassifying security employees, carrying guns or weapons without […]

The World’s Most Dangerous Countries

Travel and Leisure has put together a list of the Top 15 most dangerous countries complete with the allure, the warning and a Go/No Go summary.  To read the article click here.  The countries that make the list, in order, are:

  1. Pakistan
  2. Sudan
  3. Georgia
  4. Lebanon
  5. North Korea
  6. Syria
  7. Yemen
  8. Uzbekistan
  9. Iran
  10. Algeria
  11. Afghanistan
  12. Eritrea
  13. Zimbabwe
  14. Burma (Myanmar)
  15. Iraq

Preparing for the Emergency Before It Happens

Emergencies always occur without notice. Those who are involved rarely have knowledge that an emergency is about to happen, let alone have prepared for one. Whether it is a terrorist attack, natural disaster, accident or civil unrest, it is always just a matter of time before the next emergency hits.

When preparing for an emergency at home, know the necessities and be aware of your surroundings and resources. There are several ways you can protect yourself and your family before an emergency ever occurs. This includes being knowledgeable of the types of emergencies and disasters that might affect your area, prepare […]

Video: Safety and Protection in Mexico

What to expect when traveling Internationally with a Security Team

In the event of an incident like the recent Mumbai or Kabul hotel attacks, this is how a US security team would have managed the situation where injuries may have occured:

  •  Interfaced and already have established a dialogue with local law enforcement (if not corrupt) and in-country U.S law enforcement.
  • Run counter-surveillance prior and during the time of arrival at the hotel.
  • ‘Advanced’ the entire hotel and surrounding areas including medical trauma centers and hospitals.
  •  Established a primary and secondary evacuation plan from the hotel.
  •  Staged vehicles at accessible locations.
  •  Arranged a priority response from a private ambulance / med-evac company.
  •  Secured an armored vehicle as […]

5 Star Hotels in Cities Across the World Can be Targets for Terrorism: How to Protect Yourself

As for all trips abroad, The World Protection Group encourages everyone to take the following basic steps:

  1. Register your trip with the U.S. State Department at:
  2. Research the safety and security at the hotel and area before reserving at that location.

Once at the hotel, keep the following points in mind:

  1. Have all emergency contact information for the U.S. Embassy or U.S. Consulate and hotel security director programmed into your cell phone.  Make contact with these people at the beginning of your trip.
  2. Stay in a room between the 2nd and 7th floors. This makes it easier to exit in the event of a fire or […]

20 Tips For International Travel

When thinking about an international businesss trip or summer vacation , WPG recommends that you spend 1-2 hours to develop a security plan .  Below are 20 tips for international travel:

  1. Register your trip on the US State Department web site.
  2. Review the latest intelligence information, threat assessment, and travel warnings on the US State Department and CIA web sites for the countries of destination.
  3. If you work for a company that has a Global Security Director, speak directly to that person and ask them for resources to help you in that country.
  4. Note the US Embassy or US Consulate contact information and address.  If […]

Navigating Security Checkpoints in Mexico

One of the biggest threats when traveling in Mexico is exposure while driving on the highways. Specifically, there have been a number of attacks by drug cartels on vehicles traveling on highways on the east and west coasts of Mexico.

The major problem to the traveler when on the highways is the occasional military or law enforcement security checkpoint. Although there are legitimate checkpoints, many are set up by cartels that are wearing police or military uniforms and who are using the check points to execute an attack.

The following are guidelines we give our Clients are they travel through Mexico:

  1. Avoid travel […]

Kidnap For Ransom: On the Rise

An excerpt from a Barron’s article in the Dow Jones News Services (5.21.2011) titled Protecting Yourself Against Kidnapping describes one woman’s harrowing experience with kidnappers and how she was able to save herself:

‘When Gert Boyle, the octogenarian chairman of Columbia Sportswear Co., returned home last November, she found a gunman waiting in the driveway. The thug forced her into her house outside Portland, Ore., and roughed her up, the first part of a plan to kidnap the woman whose ads call her ‘one tough mother’. She foiled her captor, who allegedly wanted $20,000 in ransom, by triggering her home’s silent […]