One Time Pad Email Encryption

WPG offers an extensive body of WPG security protocols, auditing tools and instructional materials to help corporate and government users establish their WPG Encryption Services. The only Communications System that uses mathematically unbreakable encryption to guarantee your privacy and anonymity.


Some hub sponsors may want WPG to host their hubs in secure locations; WPG provides such services. An interconnected network of messaging hubs; each hub receiving and transmitting messages using WPG email encryption to its end user. The encrypted key is like a 10 digit phone number except that instead of an area code it has a three letter identifier. Those three letters identify the Hub that is issued to the Hub and Key that you trust.

Encrypted Keys

Bulk storage devices, each storing unique blocks of true random numbers and a multi-platform email-like application. The email is impossible to crack and is encrypted by a modular addition with a bit or character from a secret random key. The only E-mail Encryption that FBI, CIA, NSA cannot decipher.