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“Clean” and “Neat” are not typical words you expect to hear in reference to the top standards of your average private executive protection agents. That’s because 001 is anything but average. Dress code and a dedicated promise to “Keep a smile on my face and in my voice” are two of the top priorities for 001 Level Executive Protection Agents provided by The World Protection Group, Inc. among other distinguishing marks of sophistication that set 001 Level Agents apart from the rest of the industry.

Modeling itself […]

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6th Annual Lido Family Office Investment Symposium

Screening, Vetting and Monitoring Employees:

WPG will discuss labor statistics and how the cost to hire inappropriately suited employees is higher for employers (poor performance, theft, drug abuse, extra HR issues with the employee, missed work, lack of productivity, affects on moral, sexual harassment, loss of a client or clients) vs. spending the money to conduct a thorough background check and conduct pre-employment screening. The benefits outweigh costs with happy clients, minimized internal security risks and lower turnover.
Kent will discuss how WPG screens employees for corporate and family clients. He will further discuss the methods they use to look for integrity flaws, propensity […]

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Chartis Private Client Services – Vendor Fair

The World Protection Group will be part of Chartis Private Client Services’ Los Angeles Vendor Fair on December 6 and 7 in Woodland Hills.   Chartis Private Client Group has nearly a dozen risk management and loss prevention services, and WPG is proud to be their partner in security.  If you would like to attend this event, please contact us.

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