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The World Protection Group provides training at their facilities in Los Angeles, California and via their mobile training unit program all over the world.

Specialized in Executive and Dignitary Protection training, the World Protection Group offers highly customized training that covers all aspects of an Executive or Dignitary Protection detail with special emphasis on Advance Work. Our global network of instructors allows us effectively teach while maintaining respect for the culture and skill level of our Client. Our work begins with assessment and development of the vision for the Client and ends with mentoring and the implementation of sustainable practices.

The World Protection Group provides training from 1 day course increments to full time 90-day course rotations.

Our Clients include High Net-Worth Families, Corporate Security Departments, Sovereign Governments, US Law Enforcement and Security Professionals.


We’re excited to offer training for the following dates:

Gold Standard Training
This course is based on The Ritz-Carlton philosophy & training but with WPG Gold Standard of customer service. Improve your interpersonal skills by taking this course designed specifically for the security industry.
Thursday, August 23rd at 10am-2pm
Wednesday, October 17th at 3pm-7pm
Thursday, November 15th at 2pm-6pm
Cost $150.00
4 BSIS credit hours


  • Gold Standard of customer service
  • Great Communication Skills
  • Employee promises
  • Credo, Why, Vision, & Motto
  • Memorable customer experience
  • Creating a WOW for your customer
2018 Executive Protection Training:
Saturday, June 23rd at 9:30am-5:30pm– 8 hours
Saturday, September 22nd at 9:30am-5:30pm- 8 hours
Cost $300.00
4 hr. BSIS credit hours

Introduction to Executive Protection

This course is an introduction to Executive Protection.  Law Enforcement & the military do not train you in Executive Protection training.  This is an unique training which is taken from US Secret Service philosophy of protection modified for private security details.

Executive Protection Agents must learn how to prevent and respond to attacks on your protectee. The skills taught will apply to both law enforcement operations as well as private security protective operations.  This proactive training & in Executive Protection there should never be any incident of force.  This will be a combination of classroom & some basic exercises.


  • Cover and Evacuate the Principal
  • Protective Intelligence
  • Detail Leader responsibility
  • Advance Planning
  • Three Rings of Protection
  • Dress, Etiquette, Ethics and Teamwork
  • Kidnapping, Assassination case studies
  • The Go Bag- Weapons, Equipment, and Medical Supplies
  • Basic Protective Formations for small protection details
  • Defensive Tactics for the Executive Protection Agent
  • Attack on the Principal Drills
2018 Protective Intelligence Training:
Saturday, April 28th at 9:30am-5:30pm– 8 hours
Saturday, July 14th at 9:30am-5:30pm– 8 hours
Cost $300.00

The World Protection Group is an intelligence based Executive Protection and Threat Management Company devoted to the analysis and circumvention of threats through Protective Intelligence.

The key to any comprehensive security program is Protective Intelligence and The World Protection Group offers a 1-day Protective Intelligence Training that will combine institutional techniques, instructions and practical exercises.  The class will primarily focus on providing fundamental intelligence techniques for Executive Protection Agents, Law Enforcement and Security Professionals to proactively identify, assess and manage threats and the vulnerabilities associated with them. Further, the class will delve in how to build a complete protection program by implementing protective intelligence tasks, conducting threat assessments and mitigating risks.

This training will show you how high technology is transforming Protective Intelligence in the Twenty-First century.

The World Protection Group offers a 1-Day Protective Intelligence Training that will enable Executive Protective Agents, Law Enforcement and Security Professionals to develop their skills and advance to the next level of expertise and state of the art knowledge in protective intelligence.
  • Using Intelligence when Conducting Threat Assess
  • Utilizing Databases
  • Collecting Open Source Intelligence
  • Writing & Analyzing Intelligence Reports
  • Disrupting the Attack Cycle through Intelligence
  • Learning to Use Protective Intelligence in every Protective Detail
  • Utilizing a state of the art intelligence system (g-Thira) that analyzes 60,000 live feeds from around the world & identifies 50 types of threats
  • Connecting a Vulnerability/Risk Assessment to Real Time Intelligence
  • Implementing the Intelligence Cycle
  • Applying Technical Operations and Equipment
  • Social Media Intelligence
  • Setting up an anonymous cell phone
  • Encrypted communications for all protection details