Introducing gTHIRA

gTHIRA is a low cost, non-binding, secured, web-based solution that will give you the capabilities to analyze threats, hazards, and the inherent dangers about a geographical location. Data and information comes from static sources (databases) and dynamic entries (traditional news sources, social media…) contextual to the area of interest. This enterprise wide solution is a mash-up platform that gives the end user a tool (charts and graphs) to analyze threats and hazards from around the world.

System Capabilities Key Benefits

Aggregates open source data from over 50,000 news services and retrieves 2 million live sensors (weather, flood, tide, stream, seismic…). Builds awareness […]

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Here are the Top 5 Reasons Billionaires Hire Female Executive Protection Agents

When it comes to billionaires, Top 5 lists are a lifesaver, especially if you’re playing the part of secretary or adoring wife. Knowing his Top 5 Luxury Hotels, Top 5 Steak Joints or Top 5 Golf Courses will save the day when you feel under the gun and he’s under a lot of extra pressure. What about Executive Protection? Finding the right person(s) to protect your assets is one of the most important decisions you can make. You may be surprised to find that many powerful men choose not other big, burly men to protect them, but women. […]

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Bodyguards? Buddy Guards? Executive Protection Agents.


The story reads like something out of a James Bond film. Armenian princess of American television fame gets robbed by a band of notorious jewel thieves in an exclusive Parisian hotel while on holiday attending international fashion galas. The only thing different about this version of the story, this real life story, is that the princess-in-question had absolutely no protection at her royal service. Where were the armed men standing by? Where were the trusted bodyguards hired to protect and serve, prepared specifically for a harrowing situation such as this? […]

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001 – The Gold Standard

001 Logo

“Clean” and “Neat” are not typical words you expect to hear in reference to the top standards of your average private executive protection agents. That’s because 001 is anything but average. Dress code and a dedicated promise to “Keep a smile on my face and in my voice” are two of the top priorities for 001 Level Executive Protection Agents provided by The World Protection Group, Inc. among other distinguishing marks of sophistication that set 001 Level Agents apart from the rest of the industry.

Modeling itself […]

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What is Customer Centricity?

A strategy that aligns a company’s development/delivery of products/services with the current & future needs of a select set of customers to maximize their long-term financial value to the firm.

Do you ever get a customer that pays a low bill rate and never seems to be satisfied with your service? If that is the case, a customer-centric focus will be ideal for your company as it was for mine. WPG has implemented a customer-centric program into our Threat Management & Executive Protection Company. I highly recommend that all security companies consider such strategy and […]

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Creating Business Growth, Strategic Alliances for Executive Protection Companies

One of the most important classes I took at the Wharton Business School was on Strategic Alliances. Out of 8,000 security firms in the world, 95% report less than $5 million dollars in revenues. They are mostly “mom & pop” companies. The Executive Protection industry is a small niche operating with only 1-2 main accounts forcing the owner to work the executive protection detail vs running his business. So how do you get to the next level with your company? By creating new growth! In a Harvard Business School Bain Consulting study 7 out 8 companies failed to achieve profitable […]

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Positioning Your Company in the Executive Protection Market!

Think of positioning your brand in the market like an acupuncturist finding that one point with a needle that hits the right spot & location on your body. If you are able to hit the right spot or location on the body; that one needle triggers a positive response in your whole system. This is the foundation to create your brand. You need to find your “right spot” or “position” within the market.   Positioning is one idea, that your customers & clients associate your name with.

Position is very powerful and it is one of the tools in the […]

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Business Lifecycles for Executive Protection Companies

business cycle

Where are you at in your business lifecycle or do you even know? Knowing where your business stands will help you predict problems that are natural to each stage. Just as diapers are a typical problem for a toddler, business development can be a challenge from infancy to the young adult business lifecycle. Each business lifecycle is a transition to a new phase where you will encounter new problems & issues. The key to minimizing stress, get formal business training, & optimize growth to be prepared.

There […]

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Executive Protection Company Branding



One of the key elements is market positioning. This begins with strategizing how you and your company are different from the competition. As part of this process, come up with a one-word positioning statement.

As an example: Volvo’s word is “safety” while Victoria Secret’s is “sexy”.

What is yours? Once complete you will want to rank your company on a positioning chart relative to your competitors in the industry. The axes of the positioning chart are up to […]

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Martial Arts for the Executive Protection Agent

I am a huge fan of martials arts and the techniques and principals I have learned and practiced have been influential to my Executive Protection. Over the course of 46 years I have earned a 7th Degree Black Belt Kyoshi/Shihan certified by a Japanese organization, trained in Aikido with Sensei Haruo Matsuoka & Shihan Steven Seagal, and continue to train at the Gracie Academy in Jiu-Jitsu. I recommend that all Executive Protection Agents train in martial arts. An attack is a race against time and speed in which one needs to create distance, stop the bad guy, and […]

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