Protecting your most valuable assets – people, property and information – is critical to The World Protection Group (WPG).

WPG layers security around the client and his/her residence and workplace based on the U.S. Secret Service ‘3-Rings of Protection’ protocol. Techniques can include barriers, alarms, walls and gates, surveillance and counter surveillance, access control, protective intelligence, armored vehicles, counterassault teams, and close-protection agents. The tactic provides maximum protection and minimum intrusion to the client.

We develop and implement security coverage that meets your security and safety requirements in a cost-effective manner both in the U.S. and abroad – where we have resources in 22 regions around the world serving 95% of the world’s cities.

Knowledgeable, experienced security consultants partner with you to conduct the security surveys and assessments necessary to determine adequate security measures to protect you. We work with you to create the post-orders, site standards and requirements, policies and procedures critical to securing your family, employees, guests, physical property and proprietary information.

“Protecting Your Lifestyle” the ultimate white glove executive protection solution by application only

Based in Beverly Hills, WPG’s Celebrity Protection Practice is the Gold Standard for executive protection for celebrities

Protecting High Net Work Individuals discretely and reliably requires a highly-trained executive protection team, not a “bodyguard”

Beginning with a thorough security assessment, WPG’s residential and estate security programs are comprehensive, discreet, and cost-effective.

Where the cost of lost, stolen, or damaged corporate property is high, WPG can help manage and reduce risk.

Security Risk and Vulnerability Assessments

WPG CEO Kent Moyer is recognized as one of the world’s top experts in all things security; get expert advice on your own security project.

Threat Investigations Security

Received a threat? Don’t mess around – have professionals investigate and respond. Even seemingly ‘harmless’ threats can be dangerous.

Background checks are a must for sensitive positions in your company or household. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

WPG CEO Kent Moyer is recognized as one of the world’s top experts in all things security; get expert advice on your own security project.

Harness the power of one time pads, the only email encryption that the CIA, FBI, and NSA can’t decipher.

Get access to the same gold standard training provided to elite World Protection Group executive protection agents.

The World Protection Group specialized in international travel security, and has a local presence in many major cities worldwide.

The World Protection Group has been featured on:

ABC Nightline, E!, EXTRA, LA Confidential, Mother Jones, The Deal Magazine, Truth Dig, VH1, Profile Magazine and The Los Angeles Times.